Started by Benoît Roche, September 01, 2021, 09:01:48 AM

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Benoît Roche

Welcome to the Beam Diagnostics Forum!

This forum is intended to help exchanges amount the beam diagnostics community (mainly for light-sources, but diagnostics for any particle accelerators are also welcome).

Be aware that this forum is accessible to everybody without restriction (no login required to see the messages).

You can leave a message to say Hello here.

Elena Buratin

Hello! Thanks Benoit for this nice idea and for the opportunity to share our questions!


Many thanks for this connection Benoit


Thank you Benoit for taking this initiative! Hello to all :-)


Hi Benoit, hello to all members, it is my pleasure to join the beam diagnostic group wish you all the best ...😊

Changbum Kim

Thank you Benoit for your great job. I will make a link from the IBIC 2021 homepage to this forum.

In addition, it is really nice to meet you all. Hello.