X-BPM system in EBS

Started by Elena Buratin, November 04, 2021, 11:49:27 AM

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Elena Buratin


At ESRF we finally put in operation the first two X-BPMs with very good results! Find below some information.

Two units of "optical X-BPM" were installed in October Shutdown in the Front-End modules of 2 different ending-Magnet-Source Beamlines.
These provide us with precious information on the vertical position of the X-ray beam at 23m downstream the source-point.
The concept of this type of X-BPM is 100% invasive, so not compatible with the users taking their X-ray beam when this X-BPM is inserted.
This obviously limits measurement periods of this device to 1 day per week and to moments when the users are not taking their beam.
Nevertheless, it allows us to check (regularly) with high precision if the (vertical) position of the X-ray beam is stable or not.
Both units show excellent results, and further developments on now non-invasive X-BPMs, also in BM-lines,
at the same location in the Front-End, and also only for vertical position, are on-going.

If you want more information please contact Elena or Kees, or download the available pdf here.