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Need help? / Re: Microscope for X-ray imaging
September 15, 2021, 05:30:43 PM
Hi Cigdem,

I've used a reflective microscope with 25um LuAg in the pinhole camera, but beamsizes would be approx. (sigma_x, sigma_y) =(15um, 45um), 300mA beam, peak energy 25keV.

A few thoughts:

Have you measured the MTF or PSF of the scintillator using a knife-edge? Beamlines tend to have decent targets for this.

Also have you verified the PSF from the optical system (microscope)? Just to sanity check how much PSF comes from the optics?

If you think it's an energy density issue on the scintillator, have you tried attenuating the X-ray beam or using low beam current?

Good luck! ;-)

Diamond Light Source
BPM System: 172 BPMs on storage ring (168 orginally); Libera Brilliance and Libera Electron
References: Performance of the FOFB with DDBA in Diamond Light Source, IPAC2017, TUPIK113
                  Diamond Light Source Electron Beam Position Feedback: Design, Realization and Performance, ICALEPCS2009, THB003
For D-II, number of BPMs on storage ring increases to 252 and we intend to use pilot tone with analog front end in-tunnel and digital signal processing using mTCA platform in the Control and Instrumentation Areas [Diamond-II CDR ].
Dear all,

I hope you are all keeping well and will have a fruitful IBIC'2021!

I'd like to let you know of the following position at Diamond Light Source, UK:

This role will define, design and deploy state-of-the-art custom RF instrumentation for world leading beam diagnostics. A key element of the role is the delivery of new diagnostics instrumentation for the future accelerator upgrade Diamond-II featuring RF design and characterisation, electronics design including PCB layouts, and developing prototypes to ensure suitability for production at scale.

Duties also include the maintenance, research and development of existing diagnostics instrumentation and feedback systems. Within this role, candidates will apply knowledge and do hands-on practical work in the lab, on the accelerator and beamlines.

Please feel free to share and apply.

Best regards,

Head of Diagnostics
General Discussion / Re: Welcome
September 03, 2021, 05:05:47 PM
Thank you Benoit for taking this initiative! Hello to all :-)