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Does anyone have any experience simulating the effect of the thermal heatload on the surface of a monochromator crystal?
We would like to couple this with focusing xray optics to simulate its impact. This could be with SHADOW, for example.
Thank you.
Need help? / Microscope for X-ray imaging
September 03, 2021, 12:05:08 PM
Trying to image a focussed beam on a scintillator (5um Ce:YAG on YAG substrate) at 11keV (photon energy).
NA of the microscope objective used is 0.65 but cannot seem to measure a beam spot size ons cintilaltor smaller than 5um. The expected spot size is 2.5um.

Is this due to the scintillator? Do I need a thinner one? is this because of the higher penetration depth at 11keV? Is it because this is a focussed beam?

Does anyone have any similar experience?

Many thanks in advance